, also derived from the German Adidas and Porsche Design two brand origin, in fact, worth a visit, every time cooperation, each other in the surging creativity, to bring us a lot of beyond imagination products. This time through the current popular jogging shoes Ultra Boost interpretation of the unique texture, according to foreign news that will be on sale this spring, to replace the original TPU luxury leather plastic forming structure and visual change, to maintain the original contour under the heel and tongue, in addition, even on the insole has symbolized the joint the words, the whole detail is in place. source: adidasUnder Armour Stephen Curry the design of the transmission's trip to Asia this year to four China City area and Taiwan, with his Curry 2.5 and share basketball experience, before the official debut in Taipei tomorrow, this article will take you first by sharing the official and foreign media news parties to review the past few days. Stephen Curry travel. to the Asian tour, the UA design team cited Chinese myth novel "journey to the west" in the monkey wars erlangshen content to build two pairs of Curry 2.5 special edition color, while Stephen Curry visited Shenyang to attend the activities of brand flagship s cheap jordan shoes for men tore, the scene unexpectedly made arrangements for monkey king to meet him, really is full of Oriental flavor! is fortunate to be invited to the admission of the fans prepared a personal creation for Stephen Curry, Xiao Bian personally love him to interpret the image with a splash of paint spray techniques, yes, there are many shoes or NBA players about painting his community platform, very talented! Thxx Curry! The Gift to [email protected] #icandoallthings #underarmour #curry2.5 #; #sneakerhead #sneakers #sneakerart #art's biography of Asia #sneakernews #sneakerartist #sneakerflies #kicksonfire #sneakerlab #solecollector #igsneakercommunity #nicekicks #wdywt #draw sense #instaartexplorer A, photo, posted, by, hello_jason (@hell0jas0n), on, Sep 3, 2016, at, 8:26pm, PDT in addition, the fan is using thousands of photos to make up the Mr. MVP in their hearts then Stephen Curry came to the Shenyang University gymnasium for training camp, the team led by him once was behind, and Curry also accompany everyone to accept punishment, no star stand. listen to the deafening cheers (the goose bumps), Guangzhou fans of Stephen Curry love I would not like to say it! , Welcome, to, Guangzhou, It's, Fandemon〉 to the summer sport Cheap air jordans for sale s brand will be launched, Adidas Take On Summer was launched last year by Tour's star visited the world basketball city promotion products and ideas, the year before the visit to Taiwan of Damian Lillard before the date in this year's trip to Tokyo, and then travel to Paris and China, and rich the fans activities held in Adidas in close contact. contains Lillard, Adidas players and fans all over the world have interactive mission, but also on this trip also published a pair to a summer's day as the inspiration for the D Lillard 1, it is not confirmed whether the red version is previously exposed, please continue to lock up report we bring you out for prospecting the. Nike Zoom 6 Prelude will be sold in a particular store on Saturday, we have now released prospecting shoe finishing selling way dealer link in the Facebook, there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. a smile sports sports Frederick parade from the 1996 champions can only see Jordan feet after envy, the two years sale, Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord" has always been a single in the eyes of many people, Air and Jordan 11 bright skin elements let many Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping people see it as another alternative to leather shoes, and the black and white alternate version for collocation suits there has been a lot of successful cases, can have a different kind of style, so when Mrs. Jordan's brother Carlos Prieto (at the same time, the boss of Solefly, which is why earlier this year, the two sides can cooperate AJ 3 special projects) married, Jordan for male staff all ready Infrared23 color, with Carlos Prieto Concord version. , of course, a pair of shoes can show the basketball gods mind, Carlos Prieto shoes and shoe heel in the special laser engraved initials, and special gilt lettering on the waterproof paper in your shoe prospecting eyes, this special edition plus by pro basketball gods send charm is not sub in the figure of the watch! source: SNEAKER NEWSRose finish makes it more and more engaging the trend of 3, before the date of the upcoming Group of beauties is undoubtedly persuaded ah Booster Sale in 10 / 4... / Related PostNike AeroReact supports physiological functioning of the body and helps runners stay comfortable every runner has this experience: as soon as he starts running, his body temperature rises. In order to stay cool, the body also regulates temperature by removing sweat and cheap foamposites perspiration to keep the body temperature at its best, in addition to taking off extra clothing. in long-distance running, we need to regulate our body temperature to avoid overheating and maintain excellent speed. But the body is more hard to keep cool, the more difficult it is to play the best level of sports. To this end, we launched a grand Nike AeroReact Technology: a new response light fabric, its research and development results based on the Nike R & D team, sports research laboratory and global competitors insights feedback. "The clothing industry has always been based on the concept of hierarchy," says Brian Stewart, vice president of clothing innovation at the Nike research and development team. But how can we create a garment that can automatically adjust to changes in the human body? So in your running temperature rise, or when a sudden change of weather, you don't have to make their own adjustments, clothing will be done for you. "."The unique design of AeroReact can be adjusted according to the body temperature of runners. The double yarn of this kind of material can induce moist steam and maximize its permeability by opening its structure to promote the body's own thermoregulation. Brian Stewart explains, "everyt Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping hing we do helps to make athletes better, more comfortable and stay focused.". AeroReact can adjust your changes to the environment, and you'll always feel comfortable while you're wearing it. "." Nike has spent years developing AeroReact, which has been perfected by extensive research, testing and experiments. Subsequently, the prototype of the cloth is tested by the runners from around the world. "The feedback from the runners helps our team validate the results of our efforts," says Peter AeroReact, director of innovation at Nike, Harrison. Many runners are surprised by the test results, because they always feel too hot or too cold when running, but in fact, when the test is over, they even forget that they are still wearing AeroReact. The result is perfect because we want athletes to be able to focus on what they love and do their best, not because of the distractions of their clothes. "." Nike AeroReact Pullover women's running jacket and Nike AeroReact Half-Zip men's running jacket has been sold at designated retail stores in greater china. To learn more about thermoregulation, you can read new areas of thermoregulation or listen to what Nike News producesLeBron James will announce two Taiwan players to qualify for basketball cheap jordans for sale mens in Greater China Nike star LeBron James in July 24, 25 visits to Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan launched a "play tricks" basketball trip, convey a positive enthusiasm and desire to win the basketball spirit, help young people love basketball achieve transformation journey! He will be in Kaohsiung, Taipei announced a promotion players, two players will be from July 31st to August 4th to Shanghai to participate in basketball promotion activities played tricks, with a full range of challenges continue to progress, courageous pursuit of dreams of playing basketball, play tricks! - tickets: - ticket outlets: 7/25 Taipei event exchange outlets Note: - 3. a person can only exchange B times (with ID number for the certificate), the participants shall not in any illegal, fraud, false, unfair, improper, or other technical cheating way to get tickets, or engage in any activity or the interference of other participants (including but not limited to any violation of queuing in order to upload a virus or malicious code), the violator is a serious violation of the measures, the organizer has the right to immediately cancel its participation or winning qualification. 〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand obser cheap jordans for sale vation] Adidas has followed Nike and Under Armour's footsteps, and music service provider Spotify teamed up to launch a running application Adidas Go, a move that will exacerbate the sports brand competition in the field of sports and fitness. Let us first glimpse Adidas Go to what features and core competitiveness. Seeing Nike and Under Armour continue to invest in sports applications, a step behind Adidas also sit still, which together with the music service Spotify launched a running application Adidas Go. Auto listening while jogging and running consistent rhythm music, which is the wish of many enthusiasts. Early April, depending on the sport announced the music this music matching feature on its "super bike" conference. However, Adidas has long been a concern in this area, and launched its own product. May 1, Apple's App Store App Store shelves of a new sports and fitness and music applications Adidas Go. The application by the famous Adidas teamed up to launch music service Spotify is currently only supports iOS device systems. Music is almost a standard treadmill exercise, but if the music rhythm and pace or not, it is not only the incentive effect can not play, but also to the health impact and burden. Adidas is a Retro jordans for sale lso aware of this problem. Thus, the use of partners Spotify advantage in the field of music, Adidas Go biggest bright spot is that it can automatically match the most appropriate for the real-time motion rhythm of the music. Once open Adidas Go, users simply press the middle of the screen before you run the "Go" button, the application will pass the Apple phone's built gyroscope record the user's pace rhythm and frequency. Subsequently, the headset will soon be coming automatically match music - when you are jogging, soothing rhythm of the music is relatively stable, when you accelerate forward, the song will become a strong rhythm. If you want all of the online music as their movement music library, you need to register as a user of Spotify Premium. For normal free users, applications will grab the songs directly from the local music library. Therefore, if you put your favorite songs downloaded to the phone, or enough to play the effect of this feature. In addition, and most applications, like jogging, Adidas Go can run real-time recording data. After the end of the exercise, the application will display running routes and running speed and other information, users can share it to all kinds of social platforms. However, this Retro jordans for sale data logging function with a certain gap compared to Nike +, Nike + more detailed in the fitness record. Adidas concentrated focus on its music matching function, looks more like a running music player. Taking into account the runners rigid demand for music, this idea may be subject to runners of all ages. Unfortunately, the current Adidas Go yet in the App Store China area, can be downloaded in foreign areas. In addition, by the environmental impact of domestic music piracy, Spotify this world-renowned music service over the years has not entered the Chinese market, Adidas Go whether in the domestic launch is still unknown. However, the Chinese exercise market is a fertile land, I believe that Adidas did not want to miss. Therefore, we do not rule out German brand in China to local conditions, the Adidas Go with domestic service providers to launch local music. In fact before this, Adidas has released a versatile motion recording applications MiCoach. This application is currently the most technically professional sports data recording tool for iOS, Android, etc. Most phone system. Compared with Nike +, MiCoach support heart rate zone, the pace of the sensor, but also to resolve specific athletic performance data, more accurat cheap jordans online e and comprehensive the data detection. In short, MiCoach more focus on practical and scientific than the Nike + and other similar software. Technology is a big advantage motion tracking applications, but it has also become a weakness Adidas. Focus on technology development, making MiCoach lack of social features, its propaganda and promotion measures also far and occupy the major social networking platforms Nike +. Thus, in the Internet era of popular social networking, the software is not harvested due results. However, at the same time, Adidas competitors in the software field harvest a large number of users. The first is Nike, with a fitness campaign under the influence of the brand itself, and the line, Nike + quickly mastered a large number of high viscous runners. In early 2014, the amount of Nike + users has more than 30 million, is currently popular in the market running applications. Additionally, Under Armour to be outdone, in the past six months, which continuously money in the acquisition of MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and Endomondo and other sports applications. In this way, this young sports brands also have a total of 130 million users of digital platforms. wearable devices and smart hardware is a major trend in the field of sport, which combined with the application software has a mutual relationship, backward movement on software is bound to affect the future development of Adidas. Thus, the German brand is no longer just buried study technology, it also learn to find consumers epidemiological factors. Develop music matching function and Spotify, plus social sharing function, which is made by Adidas for this important change. As has new features Adidas Go can not and "mortal enemy" Nike + contend, a twist. But if the Adidas can function on the basis of the original Adidas Go on, then with their professional motion tracking technology, this application is the possibility of invincible (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner:?. Po Manning Shoes) & nbsp;Sports players adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 new Indian wind 2012-12-18 11:03:03 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network www.cnxz.cn & nbsp; [Source: LUISAVIAROMA.COM] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network December 18 hearing, yes, the famous designer Jeremy Scott together again to launch the new adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0! The design ideas are still continue to play only you can not think without his personal After characteristics, this time he put the Indians into the characteristics totem cartoon classic among JS Wings 2.0, a tongue portion of the spectrum for the Indians face shape, and two pairs of wings, compared with eagle pattern, the overall body of the shoe is quite colorful, creative still out. If you want to experience a different Indian style, this JS Wings 2.0 believe worthy of your own, now at LUISAVIAROMA.COM open book, priced at 1996 yuan RMB, the upcoming arrival of March 15 next year. Related newsmarket time: November 1, 2012 retail price: RMB 760 yuan this winter in November, with the American occupation basketball league season officially sounded the opening whistle, Adidas designed for love basketball players and the fans inside the Flight fight design Path series basketball shoes are officially listed, this dual heritage center blood inside the shoes, with its excellent shape and high cost. Thousands of fans will receive attention and love. shoes design, Flight Path followed the top signature shoes adiPower Howard 3 design concept, the same movement in this season's hottest camouflage pattern with three anti fringe elements make the whole shoe money revealed a hint of wild, reflect the inside players against fear and tear to destroy all domineering attitude. The camouflage pattern is designed to highlight the next year can not be ignored in Adidas products, games such as the battlefield, wearing camouflage patterns inside players like a giant box to guard their territory and are taking both on offense or defensive end. shoes science and technology, Flight Path excellent slow shock performance and wear and tear with the combination of the combination of the inner line shoes name to the real. The players surrounded by ankle protection in the paint for no one can be the enemy menace from the rear. It symbolizes the three stripes of Adidas classic material, selects functional fabric configuration, good air permeability, and enough support for vamp, so that the wearers' feet are always comfortable and dry, so that they can really enjoy the happy experience that basketball brings to them. , the Flight Path of the excellent lineage of the successor center, has been listed, with the color of each team in the NBA, and the team center chooses the new season for the season. The ultimate performance of inheritance, choice, Flight Path will become the indispensable professional basketball shoes are the bright spots in this winter. (Editor: not worth talking about)